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Health packages

Entirely independently of your health insurance provider, you can also book a treatment in Bad Schlema as a privately paying individual. There are many different packages available to you:
Our therapists have pooled their expertise and combined specially tailored treatments to address a range of complaints. A consultation with one of our spa physicians or non-medical practitioners in the physiotherapy treatment area completes your package – before your stay begins, she will check that the treatments are suitable for you; if not, alternatives will be proposed. The treatment package is then, of course, customised to your requirements. Your spa physician will also give you the green light for any radon treatments, assuming these are included in your package. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to book an additional medical consultation before your trip.

If you need to take certain medication regularly, please bring sufficient supplies with you.

For a short health break or to familiarise yourself with what we do, the following packages are suitable and recommended for a six-night stay:

Suitable and recommended for a 7-night stay

If you are looking for a two-week health holiday, we have the following packages for you:

Suitable and recommended for a 14-night stay

If you want to have a three-weeks´treatment independently from insurance policies, we hold the following options for you:

Suitable and recommended for a 21-nights stay

How it works: Book your health package

Step 1: Selection


Search for the right package.
If you wish, you may seek advice from your consultant on your choice.


Step 2: Regristration


Book your accommodation.
Contact the guest service and inform them of the range of treatments that you want to receive.
You will then receive confirmation of your package and the exact date of your check-up.


Step 3: Stay


We normally welcome you as a spa guest at the Health Spa and Wellness Centre on Mondays at 9.30 a.m.
Your health package starts with a consultation with a spa physician or non-medical practitioner in the physiotherapy treatment area. She will give you the green light for treatments (e.g. radon therapy) or propose alternatives.
You will receive your treatment plan when you report to the Health Centre.


Step 4: Departure


You will be given a questionnaire exclusively for health guests so that you can evaluate our treatment and share your experiences.


  PDF download How it works: Book your health package


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