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Spa treatments

Our packages include per person:

  • Medical examination when you arrive, during your stay and when you leave
  • 9x radon baths or medicinal baths with additional ingredients
  • 6x hot therapy (sand lounger, heat wrap or hot roller)
  • 6x classic massage therapy
  • 6x water gymnastics in groups
  • 3x reflexology massage


  €649 per person (booking code KMH 016-22)

This health package is recommended for a 21-night stay.


Booking request


Subject to alteration! Prices do not include accommodation and visitor´s tax.

How it works: Book your health package

Step 1: Selection


Search for the right package.
If you wish, you may seek advice from your consultant on your choice.


Step 2: Regristration


Book your accommodation.
Contact the guest service and inform them of the range of treatments that you want to receive.
You will then receive confirmation of your package and the exact date of your check-up.


Step 3: Stay


We normally welcome you as a spa guest at the Health Spa and Wellness Centre on Mondays at 9.30 a.m.
Your health package starts with a consultation with a spa physician or non-medical practitioner in the physiotherapy treatment area. She will give you the green light for treatments (e.g. radon therapy) or propose alternatives.
You will receive your treatment plan when you report to the Health Centre.


Step 4: Departure


You will be given a questionnaire exclusively for health guests so that you can evaluate our treatment and share your experiences.


PDF download How it works: Book your health package



Any questions left or want to register?



You can reach our service hotline Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. or per telephone +49 (0)3771 21 55 09

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