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Diagnoses & Treatment Options

The Health Centre offers targeted treatment for the following diagnoses:

  • Orthopaedic complaints
  • Rheumatism and other rheumatic complaints
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Post-surgical complaints
  • Skin healing conditions


We treat these diseases and conditions ‒ as one of just eight health spa resorts in Germany ‒ using radon therapy. Learn more about radon’s effect on each one of these complaints here. Radon therapy can be applied either on its own or accompanied by physiotherapy treatments. If you want to consult your doctor about treating a rheumatic complaint or discuss a radon treatment, please download our information for doctors here and take it with you to your appointment:


  PDF download Medical information


Treatment options

A broad range of treatment options is available for you to choose from. Your consultant or your spa physician will be happy to help you select the right one. We have our own outpatient clinic that is authorised to process prescriptions and provide treatment. You can also use our treatment options on a private basis.

  • Radon bath: Medical bath with waters of 35-37°C. The patient stays in the water for 20 minutes, then rests for the subsequent 30 minutes in a separate room. Costs for radon baths are only covered by health insurance providers as part of a prescribed outpatient treatment plan; otherwise you must pay for them yourself.


  • Radon dry gas bath: The patient sits in a covered medical tub in healing radon gas for 20 minutes. This treatment is particularly gentle on those suffering from cardiovascular problems, as the warm water does not place any additional strain on the circulation. This treatment is only covered by health insurance providers as part of a prescribed outpatient treatment plan.


  • Drinking treatment: You can sample the waters direct from the Gleesberg spring in the foyer, situated between the health baths and the treatment area. As part of a prescribed outpatient treatment plan, the doses of your drinking regimen can be personally tailored to you by a medical practitioner. Please consult your spa physician about this.


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To undergo a radon treatment, you will need a declaration of no objection / a private prescription from a GP who is familiar with the condition of your health. In this way, we can be sure that there are no contraindications (pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, oncological treatment within the last year) and that the treatment will really do you good.

  • Sand lounger


  • Heat wrap


  • Hot air therapy (red light)


  • Hot roller


  • Cold therapy
  • Classic massage


  • Reflexology massage


  • Underwater massage


  • Connective tissue massage, segmental massage


  • Penzel acupuncture massage


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  • Boeger manual scar treatment


  • Schoberth combined treatment


  • Centrifugal massage


  • Manual lymphatic drainage:
    - Long treatment 45 min
    - Partial treatment 30 min
    - Treating more severe complaints, followed by bandaging


  • Manual therapy
    - Manual therapy for blockages and misalignment of the cervical spine and the jaw joint (craniomandibular dysfunction, CMD)

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  • Physiotherapy:
    • Individually
    • In groups – from three people
    • With equipment
    • Sling table ‒ relieving pressure on the joints by supporting certain parts of the body in a cotton sling


  •  Water gymnastics:
    • Individually
    • In groups - from three people
    • As monitored self-treatment


  • Neurological physiotherapy
    • Bobath concept
    • PNF concept


  • Manual extension of the cervical spine


  • Nordic Walking


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The teachings of Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp form the basis for a wide variety of treatments designed to stimulate the circulation and boost the blood flow. A fundamental element is the alternation between warm – cold – warm temperatures.

  • Full affusion
  • Partial affusion
  • Contrast partial affusion
  • Contrast affusion
  • Contrast jet bath (water is applied with pressure and at alternating temperatures)
  • Cupping
  • CO² bath


  • CO² dry gas bath


  • Whirlpool bath


  • Medicinal full bath with additional ingredients


  • One inhalation session (no medication): jet aerosol device (Health Centre at the Kurhotel Bad Schlema) and the ultrasound aerosol device (Health Centre at the Kurmittelhaus)
  • Ultrasound
  • Various forms of electrical muscle stimulation therapy
  • Combined ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation
  • Hydroelectric bath: full body bath in a hydrogalvanic tub
  • Two- and four-cell bath: underarms and feet are placed in hydrogalvanic baths
  • Gentle stretching (extension)
    - Perl suspension on the sling table
    - Underwater extension


  • Jacobson progressive muscle relaxation


  • Kinesio taping


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  • Individual treatment for motor/functional disorders (incl. hot or cold treatments)
  • Individual treatment for sensorimotor/perceptive disorders, including Bobath therapy
  • Occupational therapeutic brain performance training
  • Individual treatment for mental/functional disorders
  • Paraffin bath

Please seek advice from your consultant before using our therapies. If your doctor agrees to the treatment, please bring with you a declaration of no objection.



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