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Our sauna complex

Taking regular saunas not only strengthens the immune system; it also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. We have nine different saunas in our extensive indoor and outdoor complex for you to sweat away your stress. Further attractions including a sensory shower, an ice fountain, a warm outdoor pool and so much more are waiting to be sampled. Sunbathe to your heart’s content on our beautiful lawn in the sauna garden.

We offer a broad variety of different saunas:



Harmony sauna

Relax into our new wet sauna there is harmony in the focus. Design highlights are the symbols of the four elements and the Asian yin and yang symbol in the center of the sauna, which stands for opposites such as cold and hot or calm and moving.


The significantly larger space allows you to enjoy the sauna infusion , which vary every hour, even more intensely.


  approx. 95°C

  8 - 12 minutes

©360Grad Team


African sun sauna

A sauna experience that is absolutely unique in Germany awaits you at our redesigned dry sauna. Listen to the typical African sounds of elephants, lions, giraffes and zebras, the soft rustle of the savannah grass, a summer storm or chirping crickets. Experience sunrise and sunset in a simulated day/night cycle.


  approx. 100°C

  8 - 12 minutes



Ore mountain hay sauna

The scent of fresh mountain meadows is in the air and you sweat in the comfort of warm temperatures in the middle of a barn.


Various decorative elements such as hay rack, half-timbering and a view of the typical Erzgebirge landscape make your sauna visit something very special.


  approx. 85°C

  8 - 12 minutes

©BUR - Dirk Rückschloss


Crystal sauna

Precious gems make the world around us more beautiful. So why not take a steam bath in our crystal sauna and be mesmerised by the dancing coloured lights and the shimmer of precious stones? A real spectacle for the senses. You can also enjoy a jet of mint crystal vapour that is released every hour from 9.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

  approx. 90°C

  8 - 12 minutes



©Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur


Log cabin sauna

Unwind in the tranquillity of our spacious, rustic log cabin sauna, situated in the outdoor area. For an unmissable highlight: special preparations are poured onto the hot stones to release a cloud of steam at our sauna evenings and nights.


  approx. 60°C in summer /
         approx. 80°C in winter

  10 - 15 minutes in summer /
           8 - 12 minutes in winter





Brine vitality bath (steam bath)

The Romans understood the power and beauty of this steam bath. Enveloped in clouds of steam, let your mind relax while your body is revitalised. The special salt that is dispersed throughout the room does wonders for your respiratory system.


  approx. 45°C

 approx. 100 % humidity






For those new to saunas or those who don’t like them too hot, our sanarium is the first port of call. The pleasantly warm temperatures, energising play of light and ever-changing fragrances restore and strengthen your physical and mental well-being.


  approx. 60°C

  approx. 45 % humidity

  10 - 15 minutes


©Kurgesellschaft Schlema mbH


Hut sauna

You’d prefer something a little cosier? Then we recommend our snug little hut sauna in the grounds of the sauna complex. The log construction gives this dry sauna a unique atmosphere.

  approx. 80°C

  8 - 12 minutes





Banja (ritual sauna)

Our small ritual sauna in the grounds of the sauna complex.


  approx. 70°C

  8 - 12 minutes

Other sauna attractions to unwind, relax, warm up and refresh yourself:

©Frank Höhler


Refresh yourself in the indoor plunge pool!


  14 - 17 °C




Our indoor sensory showers with adjustable temperatures have plenty to offer:

Inhale the scent of fresh passion fruit under our fine rain shower, cool off under a cascade of cold water from the bucket shower or enjoy some gentle refreshment with water therapy from Kneipp hoses.

For a pleasant way to cool down, head to our outdoor sauna complex. The showers there feel like warm summer rain falling on your skin.


©Kurgesellschaft Schlema mbH


For a break between your sauna sessions, you can retire to our relaxation room overlooking the sunny lawn and the sauna garden.





Enjoy relaxation music, chat with your companions or read your favourite magazine and the recent newspaper from our selection for free.



We help all guests with cold feet warm up again with heated seats and foot warming buckets.



In our big warm outdoor pool you can swim and relax in between your sauna sessions in enjoyable 33°C warm waters.


©Kurgesellschaft Schlema mbH


Lay down comfortably and enjoy the sun in our garden with lawn.




Enjoy the restorative deep warmth of our infrared cabins, soothing your whole body and boosting your well-being. A relaxing session in an infrared cabin can:

  • Ease tension
  • Relieve back pain
  • Increase blood flow
  • Improve the metabolism
  • Strengthen the body’s defences
  • Reduce stress and strain
  • Boost the body’s regeneration after physical activity
  • Stimulate detoxification through intense sweating

    One session lasts 30 minutes. Users can adjust the intensity and light colour of the cabin according to their personal preferences. The usage fee of €3.00 is charged to your key chip.



©Dirk Rückschloss - BUR Werbeagentur
©360Grad Team
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