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100 years of radon therapy in Bad Schlema

Radon made a name for itself as one of the most effective remedies used in therapeutic bathing at the turn of the last century. It is a natural remedy that stimulates the body’s own self-healing powers and boosts the immune system. In the process, special transmitters are activated to alleviate pain and heal inflammation.

Bad Schlema began to make good use of these astounding healing properties and the power of nature almost one hundred years ago, gaining global prominence with its “radium baths”. When Richard Friedrich proved in 1909 that Schlema’s waters have a high radon content and therapeutic effects, it was decided to harness these healing powers in the health spa business. The Oberschlema Radium Baths became one of the most renowned health spas in Germany.

However, Soviet uranium mining, which began in 1945/46, put an end to this flourishing industry. The first double blind study conducted in 1992 to demonstrate the efficacy of radon revived the bathing tradition in Schlema and set its development as a health spa town in motion.

In 1998, the radon springs were officially recognised by the state and designated a “Ort mit Heilquellenkurbetrieb” (a resort operating a health spa employing medicinal springs).
On 29 October 2004, Schlema was awarded the title State-Recognised Radon Health Spa Resort.

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