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Radon therapy in Bad Schlema

As one of only eight health resorts in Germany we offer therapeutical treatment by means of radon therapy. These treatments include:

Radon baths are given in the therapeutical section of the Kurmittelhaus.

The temperature of this medical bath can be adapted as of 35-37°C. The patient stays in the water for 20 minutes, then rests for the subsequent 30 minutes in a separate room. Costs for radon baths are only covered by health insurance providers as part of a prescribed outpatient treatment plan; otherwise you must pay for them yourself.




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The patient sits in a covered medical tub in healing radon gas for 20 minutes. This treatment is particularly gentle on those suffering from cardiovascular problems, as the warm water does not place any additional strain on the circulation. This treatment is only covered by health insurance providers as part of a prescribed outpatient treatment plan.

You can sample the waters direct from the Gleesberg spring in the foyer, situated between the health baths and the treatment area. As part of a prescribed outpatient treatment plan, the doses of your drinking regimen can be personally tailored to you by a medical practitioner. Please consult your spa physician about this.


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To undergo a radon treatment, you will need a declaration of no objection / a private prescription from a GP who is familiar with the condition of your health. In this way, we can be sure that there are no contraindications (pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, oncological treatment within the last year) and that the treatment will really do you good.


Also, our experiences of the last 20 years have shown, that treatment impact positively increases when an individually conducted therapy is added to radon therapy. The physiotherapeutical possibilities of our health center are available here.


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